Thursday, December 8, 2011

Patrice O'Neal Stroke

patrice oneal strokePatrice O'Neal

patrice oneal strokePatrice O'Neal
I will continue to laugh, just not as often. This is the hardest, after I had set up. Patrice O'Neal (7 December 1969 - November 29, 2011), died of a stroke in October. I never saw Patrice live and I will always regret, not.

Patrice is a style that is all their own. His laugh was so original and captivating as his sense of humor. He is probably the only person who could laugh at the pope make rape jokes. That's what so impressive about Patrice, even if you do with what is said does not agree, are still laughing. He was loud, powerful and genius. This term is thrown around a lot, but keep it as true to the man who changed comedy forever. Actually, I've lost, because my writing can not convey how important it is comedy. There will never be the same.

Please, even if you do not buy Patrice is going to "Elephant in the Room" and his new CD "Mr.P" on iTunes or Amazon can be downloaded. All proceeds go to go to your family to help with medical bills. Farewell to Patrice will miss you too little

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