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David Beckham Biography

David Robert Joseph Beckham, better known as David Beckham (Leytonstone, May 2, 1975) is an English footballer who acts as the midfield. Currently playing for the Los Angeles Galaxy.

Considered one of the greatest players in world football, Beckham has lived one of his best years as a professional in 1999, when he won four titles with United (Premiership, FA Cup, Champions League and World Club), with a strong involvement.

At the end of this year, took second prize in the Golden Ball, awarded by French magazine France Football and FIFA for the election, the second best in the world (where he also finished second in 2001). But he won the European player of the year, designed by UEFA (the first European to win the award).

Also playing major football tournaments, Becks was the first English player to play over 100 games for the great European tournament. And 'one of the few to achieve such a feat with the British team jersey, currently, the first player with more games played, second only to former goalkeeper Peter Shilton.

Beckham started his career in 1991 at Manchester United, the club where he remained until 2003 (in 1995, was on loan at Preston North End).

Manchester United have reached the pinnacle of his career, with memorable performances and impeccable winning titles in their history, such as the UEFA Champions League in 1998-99. In addition to the Champions League, won the Premier League six times (1995-96, 1996-97, 1998-99, 1999-1900, 2000-01 and 2002-03), the European Cup / South America 1999 (winning the Palme final ) and other major titles at the national level.

In 2002, he was threatened not to play the World Cup. After breaking his right leg in a split with Argentine Aldo Duscher, Deportivo La Coruna in the UEFA Champions League. He was in intensive care for two months to play the tournament.

In 2003, Beckham was transferred to Real Madrid, in Spain, where he was part of the team called "Galactic", alongside other players who, at the time, were among the best in the world, such as Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane, Roberto Carlos and Luis Figo. At the Madrid club, however, not achieved the same success in the Manchester United.

Many are those who say that, after the departure of Beckham the Red Devils never showed the same flaming football in Italy, this fact may be considered if they are taken into account their statistics from Real Madrid. Realco in 153 games for Madrid, Beckham has scored just 19 goals, well below the average for United.

Beckham married former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, July 4, 1999 at Luttrellstown Castle, Ireland. The wedding attracted tremendous media coverage, and the cost is estimated at £ 500,000.

Since you are married, both of which attract huge media attention, especially because the couple resided in the United States. Despite this, Beckham and Victoria does not seem a great effort to be a frequent target of the paparazzi. With Victoria, had three sons Romeo, Brooklyn and Cruz.

From April 2007, the Beckham family is located in Beverly Hills, California. The house cost about $ 22 million. Among the couple's neighbors, are the actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

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