Thursday, June 16, 2011

Runway Fashion - Marc Jacobs Spring 2010-11

INSPIRATION: Sir Jacobs always derived inspiration from a variety of sources for his collections. This season was no exception. Today he riffed off of deconstructed ballerinas from Russia with a tinge of Martha Graham thrown in for good measure. (Given the powder white faces of the models and their flat wooden sandal footwear, we also think said dancers might have been on their way to Asia.

Beautiful Fitted army jacket with ruffled mini skirt; blush-colored mini dress with floral applique; pale handkerchief hem dresses with red print and dangling pearls; translucent tulle gown with black piping

Messenger bags in brown leather; oversized handbags in a metallic bronze hue; kitten heel flip-flops; aforementioned flat wooden sandals

Emma , Madonna, Lady Gaga, Rihanna every fashion editor known to mankind, internet sensations

One never knows what's going to come around the corner at Jacobs' show - starting with the entrance. There was no ornate backdrop this season but instead everyone was ushered into an extremely bright white plaster cube with bench seating (read: everyone is in the front row except for those with standing tickets.

Once the techotronic boom of the speakers sounded off the collective was treated to models wearing sheer spangled stockings and body suits under their ruffled minis and ornately decorated dresses. And that's not wear the ruffles ended. High harlequin-esque collars adorned a multitude of ensembles as did chunky summer scarves.

Aside from the impressive dresses, the utilitarian-style jackets were standouts. Sharply cut and totally flattering they came in shades of blue (as seen here), tan, and army green. Those were the more wearable items, others, like the black lattice suit, not so much. But then again with two equally fashion-forward icons of pop in the audience one never knows.

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