Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Adriana Abascal

Adriana Abascal won the title of Miss Mexico and participated in "Miss Universe 1989" obtaining the 5th position. She also worked as a model and as an actress starring several shows and has been the executive director of various TV documentaries for Televisa.

After having her first baby she hosted the TV show "Todo Bebé" in Los Angeles. Authoress of the book “Una mujer, cada Mujer” published in Mexico, United States and Spain. She owned the Yacht Eco sold to Larry Ellison. She was together with Emilio Azcarraga “El Tigre”, until he died. Currently Adriana lives between Paris and Los Angeles. She is divorced . From her previos marriage she had 3 children together: Paulina, Diego y Jimena..VIA

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